Disability Service Provider Mandurah

Disability Service Provider Mandurah

As a Disability Service Provider Mandurah, our Aim is to go above and beyond in making a difference in one's life. At Ermentrude Community Care we are always open to improvement and progression in providing quality support in achieving our clients' goals and to participate in the community independently. 

Our objectives are to provide the highest quality services while recognising the needs and requirements of every individual and their families. We aim to achieve these objectives through high quality management delivered by highly trained and experienced staff. We provide our Disability Support Services throughout Mandurah.

Disability Service Provider Mandurah
Ermentrude Offers a Full Range of Disability Services in Mandurah

Choose from a wide range of disability support services we provide to suit you

We assist our clients to find, or have, a place that they can call a home, a home where they can live independently & take responsibility for their own life by paying bills or taking care of the house. This also builds up their confidence so that they are able to control their own life independently.

We assist our clients with transportation by exploring the community, taking them to their appointments and places they need to visit. We will also mentor our clients for Transport Training. 
We mentor our clients to explore the community and ride public transport such as buses and trains. This also includes assisting them to process their own smart rider card, which gives them skills to fill up their own forms, talking to Transperth staff etc.

This service will assist our client to participate in the community where we will explore what activities they want to do, places they want to explore, events that they are interested in joining, as well as group activities. This will increase our clients' connection, build friendships and be inclusive in the community. 

We assist our client with domestic duties such as household cleaning ,window cleaning and  gardening in the comfort of their own home.

Please see more information about the services that we can provide in household task in our cleaning services info.

We help build our clients skills by guiding them to be responsible in taking care of their own self. We assist them with personal care, preparing food and activities that involve their everyday life.

Ermentrude Community Care offers group activities such as cooking and dancing, which will be held in the community centre that is open to everyone. This helps to build friendship, build skills in different activities and be involved in the community.

We assist our client in their journey to discover what they really love to do in life. This journey includes activities they enjoy, building on previous experiences they may have and exploring different hobbies and skills.
We give our clients a chance for employment and help them take pride in the job they're doing. Our company assists our client in finding the right employment for them. 
We help our clients to widen their knowledge and skills, transport training, connecting them to the right schools to new things and build knowledge on what they want to do. The journey is a long process, but in the end our client will find meaningful employment and be equipped with the right experience and knowledge to have the quality standard of a worker.

Ermentrude Community Care's nursing team will deliver quality care at the comfort of your own home, as well as aged care facilities and disability care accommodations. As a healthcare provider we make sure that we deliver high quality standards, tailored to your needs.

This service includes: catheter and continence care, stoma care, wound care, managing your medication and other specialised nursing needs, at the comfort of your own home. 

The RYDE Program
The RYDE program links learner drivers with volunteer mentors to undertake driving
sessions. The sessions are about gaining experience and improving skill rather than
the initial stage of ‘learning to drive’.
Are you eligible?
RYDE is for learner drivers finding it hard to complete their 50 log book hours for
reasons such as lack of money to pay for formal lessons, no access to an appropriate
vehicle, or an adult to supervise.
• 16 to 25 years old
• Live within the City of Mandurah
• Have a learners permit
Contact a RYDE provider to assess your eligibility for the program and make an
appointment. Only a RYDE provider can set you up as a participant of the program,
and support you throughout the process.
The initial driving assessment is $60, followed by a small fee of $15 applicable per
90 minute session. This is paid when you book online.
RYDE Providers
For more information, or to contact your nearest RYDE Provider, visit www.ryde.org.au

Disability Service Provider Mandurah | Our Service Areas

Call Ermentrude Community Care today for all your disability support services in Mandurah. We serve all the following suburbs of Mandurah including: 

Dudley Park

Halls Head

Madora Bay
Mandurah City
Meadow Springs
San Remo

Silver Sands
Stake Hill